How Teeth Affects Your Body Organs

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Published: 10th November 2010
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Taking care of the teeth is necessary to maintain those whiter and stronger teeth but aside from that there are more reasons on why good oral hygiene is needed. The teeth helps the body to digest the food we eat by breaking it down into pieces but aside from that there more functions this small part of the body does. Richmond dentists have observed the connection in the healthiness of the teeth and of the organs of the body after having many patients who suffered from dental problems that suffered from serious illnesses as well like heart attack.

The internal organs of the body is important such as the heart and the liver so as having it damaged will give the worst problem that a person will experience. There are organs which needs costly and many surgeries once damaged and it will give a big problem. The Richmond cosmetic dentistry explains how the teeth can show some signs of the illnesses that patient have in his organs. In the list, every tooth represents different parts of the body and the position of the tooth is number from the middle line of the jaw.

1 and 2 (both lower and upper jaw) - attached to the kidney, bladder, pineal gland (upper jaw), adrenals (lower jaw), frontal sinus, sacrum, coccyx, foot.

3 (lower and upper jaw) - attached to the liver, gall bladder, hip, eye, pituitary (upper jaw), gonads (lower jaw).

4, 5 (upper) and 6, 7 (lower jaw) - connected to the lung, large intestine, shoulder, elbow, thymus (upper jaw), arteries, veins (lower jaw).

4, 5 (lower) & 6, 7 (upper jaw) - attached to the pancreas, spleen, stomach, breast, thyroid (upper jaw), lymph system (lower jaw), jaws, knee.

8 (upper and lower) - connected to the heart, small intestines, shoulder, elbow, ear, neurological system, pituitary (upper jaw).

It can be seen that patients with dental problems in their front teeth suffer as well from kidney disease and frontal sinus while those who have problems with their wisdom tooth suffer from ear problems as well. Richmond dentists explain that once a person suffers from a disease he will surely be suffering as well some problems in his tooth such as infection. This is a great help to everyone to know how healthy they are because most of the diseases in the organs sometimes do not shows any obvious symptoms.

We should now change some believes and we should start in believing that good dental hygiene can make us to be healthy inside and out. Choosing to have a healthy lifestyle is also required to prevent illnesses to occur because nutritious foods can give the necessary nutrients. Fresh fruits and vegetables are delicious and is limited so as anyone can enjoy having it anytime. We should also avoid having alcoholic drinks and smoking because it can actually cause oral cancer and serious illnesses in the organs such as heart attack.

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